Maker: Full-Time part 3- A solid month of making

Hi, Friends!

So, I've been at it full-time since late January. In that time I've created a business plan, decked out my studio where I work, and let the world know my intentions. 

This last month or so was very busy as I completed three big projects:

1. I applied to be a part of the Finger Lakes Annual Exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery here in Rochester. There were no guidelines as to what would be considered "art" so that seemed like an invitation to introduce a little crochet to the mix. I decided to make a Rochester Coat because if I can't wear a project, I tend to lose interest (just one of my little quirks...).

 rochester new york crochet crocheted jacket coat

I'll find out on the 18th after the jurying has been done whether I got in or not. Naturally I would like to get in, but I also already know that just making the coat has benefitted me. It gave me quiet time to think over the month of February as I painstakingly saw to every detail of it. Every time I come up with unique designs, I increase my skills in crochet--experimentation is always beneficial in my opinion. 

Rochester NY new york flower city jacket coat crochet crocheted Ashley Lee Zhong Snapdragon Brand Rainbow


2. I taught an Inspiration retreat at Sewgreen (a recycled fiber arts store) here in Rochester. We never had a huge crowd any of the days, but about 6 different people participated in the retreat over the week and all tried very different projects. I had a great time getting to meet people and growing my teaching skills in the process. 

 Ashley Lee ZHong Snapdragon Brand Designer teaching crochet at sewgreen rochester

3. I completed a guest blog post for The Hook Nook Life! This was especially exciting for me because I got to revisit my favorite subject: Granny Squares! I can't tell you what the whole post is about, and I can't share any pictures of the completed project, but just trust that it is very me, haha. 

granny square crochet crocheted cardigan

If all goes as planned, the post should go live on The Hook Nook Life  on the 13th, this Wednesday! I'll send an email with a link to everyone on my mailing list. If you're not subscribed, you can do that on my homepage under the banner.


So that's what filled my February, and March has been all about producing new merchandise and brainstorming new products for Snapdragon Brand. I have some important goals that I want to share with you, but I'm short on time this morning and I've got to get going for now. 

Thanks for being such a great support group as I continue this process of working for myself. Everytime I learn something useful, I'll try to pass it on so we can continue to bring each other up. #communityovercompetition 

PS: I made my first video! While I look forward to expanding into tutorials in the future, here's a simple show and tell about a wonderful thrift haul of vintage crocheted doilies. 



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