Prosperity Pouches: A FREE Ribbon Candy Crochet Pattern to share

Hello! Hope you've been surviving this sweltering summer.

The idea for scrappy treasure pouches popped into my head the other day, so I just had to share the pattern with you. Use my pouch design for your dice bags, coin hoards, or even as re-useable gift bags for the holidays. 

I wish you all the prosperous things!



PS: If you like this free pattern, and you like my style, please consider supporting my work, by: purchasing a pattern from my shop, or tossing $1, $5, $10 on my Ko-fi. I love to share my work with you...But as an arty person, I'm always struggling with the $$$ side of the world and could use a little "prosperity" too. 

Thank you for your support and consideration! 

-Ashley Lee Zhong

Prosperity Pouch Instructions: 

This project takes only 4 rows to complete and is a fun way to use up small scraps. It uses my Ribbon Candy Crochet technique to sculpt the pouch shape. 

Notes: Instructions inside of [brackets] are meant to be repeated in a complete system, so stitch the entire sequence all the way through before you begin another repeat. The number outside of the bracketed section indicates the total number of repeats.

Instructions feature a Small (6" tall, 8" around) and Large (7" tall, 10" around) size option. The small pouch instructions are the first set in all black font. The large pouch instructions vary only slightly, so they are inside of (parentheses)--use the green numbers to make a large pouch. If you are making a small pouch, just ignore the green numbers. 

Hook: I used a 5mm US H 8, but size your hook according to your yarn and personal gauge. 

Gauge: I got about 14 stitches makes 4" in DC when measured at the column. The space between two columns when finished is a little under 2.5."

Yarn: I used a variety of worsted acrylic scraps. The small pouch size requires about 30 grams or 55 yards total and the large size requires 50 grams, 90 yards. 


In Color A: Ch 4, sl st into the 1st of 4 chains to form Loop, 

[ch 15 (20), to form Loop: ch 6, sl st into the 1st of 6 chains, SC 15 (20) across, SC 1 into the Loop] x4 (5)

To close the foundation and future rows, you may choose to:

-Slip stitch into the starting chain or first stitch of that row to connect, tie off and cut. 


-Tie off and cut on the last stitch, use a yarn needle to weave in yarn tails and connect the row at the same time.


Pouch Row 1: 

In Color B, Begin each row with Standing DC (OR *sl st, ch 3* to count as the first DC)

Starting in the Loop at the end of any Column, 

[DC 8 into Loop to create Increase Curve, DC 13 (18) across, HDC 1, SC 1, SC 1 into Foundation Loop SC, SC 1, HDC 1, DC 13 (18) across] x4 (5)

Connect the row in your preferred method, tie off and cut. TURN WORK.


Pouch Row 2: 

You will be closing the seams on this row in order to create the pouch shape. You may use the PLT method to close the seam while you stitch, or ignore the pink PLT instruction and Single Crochet/Sew the seam after you complete Row 2. View this tutorial for help with PLT (Pull-Loop-Through method)--the relevant instructions start around 2:25.

In Color C, working into the “Wrong Side,” starting in the first DC of any Increase Curve, 

[at the Increase Curve: DCInc 1 x8, DC 13 (18) across, HDC 1, SC 1, Skip the Loop SC, SC 1 and PLT into the previous SC, PLT HDC 1, PLT DC 13 (18) across] x4 (5),

Connect the row in your preferred method, tie off and cut. Turn work.


If you're enjoying this tutorial, please consider supporting my work. These projects take time to develop and explain and I could use some help getting by during this difficult financial time. Read my story HERE. 

Border Row 1: 

In Color D, Starting in the 2nd DC of any Increase Curve, 

[SC 1, HDC 1, *DCInc 1, DC 1* x5, HDC 1, SC 1, skip the last DC of Increase Curve, DC 1 into the seam, skip the first DC of Increase Curve, ] x4 (5)

Connect the row in your preferred method, tie off and cut. Turn work. 

Note: The Gap created by the border DC (between Increase Curves) will serve as a drawstring hole. 

Border Row 2: 

In Color E, Starting in any DC, 

Place 1 SC in each stitch (80, 100), Connect the row in your preferred method, tie off and cut. Use a yarn needle to weave in yarn tails. 


Drawstrings: In Color F,  

For small Prosperity Pouches, make 2 strands of 50 chains.

For large Prosperity Pouches, make 2 strands of 75 chains.

Use your crochet hook to work one strand in and out of Column Loops and Border Gaps until the strand meets its tail. Work the other strand in the opposite direction, so that when pulled, the pouch cinches neatly between the two drawstrings. 

Weave in any yarn tails and knot each strand to itself so that the drawstring stays secure. Consider adding beads or tassels for a fun upgrade to the design.

Makers: Feel free to make and sell pouches from this tutorial. Please do not sell my written pattern or take my tutorial as your own.

Please do share my blog links and social media profiles. I'm working to get some security in my life--that means a more stable income. If you can help me with this, please consider buying a pattern from my shop, or tossing a few dollars on my Ko-fi page. It literally changes my life. 

 Thanks for stopping by, 

-Ashley Lee Zhong

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