Who is Snapdragon Brand?

Snapdragon Brand is me...

Friendly Weirdo. Innovative Crocheter. Maker by nature.


My name is Ashley Lee Zhong, and all I want to do, all day long, is make things. Sometimes that means crocheting piles of granny squares, sewing bed sheets into a ball gown, or even just giving myself a sweet glitter manicure. Snapdragon Brand is the culmination of my insatiable creative appetite; it’s my dream and my baby. I hope you feel comfortable in this space and find something just right for you. 

The core philosophy of Snapdragon Brand is: Craft is for EVERYONE.

I promise to live by that ethos as I continue to learn and grow in my place as a maker. The Snapdragon Brand website is a safe space for all visitors. Period. 

I believe that Black Lives Matter and show my support by offering a monthly special item (rotating), of which 10% of the proceeds go directly to the Loveland Foundation. From their website:

"Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Our resources and initiatives are collaborative and they prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing."

This month, the item is: The Vivid Rainbow Crochet Print Skater Dress 

Additionally, I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my sale of the Ribbon Canyon Blanket Special Edition Pattern for as long as I sell it on my site. 

As Snapdragon Brand continues to grow, so will my giving opportunities.


You can learn more about my creative process and daily happenings by following me on Instagram or Facebook @snapdragonbrand 


I control what goes on the site and social media pages and will always take responsibility for my words. I am open to critical feedback. Have I made a mistake? Could I improve my methods? Please let me know. I will listen first.