Who is Snapdragon Brand?

Snapdragon Brand is me...

Friendly Weirdo. Innovative Crocheter. Maker by nature.


My name is Ashley Lee Zhong, and all I want to do, all day long, is make things. Sometimes that means crocheting piles of granny squares, sewing bed sheets into a ball gown, or even just giving myself a sweet glitter manicure. Snapdragon Brand is the culmination of my insatiable creative appetite; it’s my dream and my baby. I hope you feel comfortable in this space and find something just right for you. 

The core philosophy of Snapdragon Brand is: Craft is for EVERYONE.

I promise to live by that ethos as I continue to learn and grow in my place as a maker. Right now, for me that means: an emphasis on writing my patterns to be as accessible as possible to all learning styles. Offering clear visual guides, consistent modern crochet language, high-contrast custom charts, process photos at every step, anytime online pattern-support, and fully size-inclusive graded garment patterns. 

I want my Snapdragon Brand website to be a safe space for all visitors. Period. Never hesitate to let me know if I can do better. You can reach me directly at ashley@snapdragonbrand.com 

You can learn more about my creative process and daily happenings by following me on Instagram or Facebook @snapdragonbrand