"Ribbon Candy Shawl" Free Downloadable Coloring Sheet

"Ribbon Candy Shawl" Free Downloadable Coloring Sheet

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Here's a little sneak peek at my new crochet booklet, Ribbon Candy Shawl--It's all about how to use my Ribbon Candy Crochet technique to make 6 magical sizes of my original shawl design, in three and five row versions. It's the 3rd pattern in my Ribbon Candy Crochet series and a stepping stone for more complex designs to come.

Enjoy this simple coloring sheet of my shawls!

  • This is free downloadable content.  
  • Contains 1 page Coloring Sheet, featuring a 3 Row and a 5 Row Shawl example.
  • Special Edition Pattern Booklet Now Available! 

This is a FREE download. Please do not replicate or distribute my original work. See FAQ for PDF download instructions.