Ribbon Candy Pumpkin Pouch: a fun & free pattern to share!

An Autumn Treat, just for you! Use my Ribbon Candy Crochet techniques to make these cute little Pumpkin Pouches. It just takes a few colorful scraps to and some imagination. You'll have so much fun customizing the details and accessories...


Make your own and use it for EVERYTHING. Because in the end, it’s just a handy lil’ drawstring bag… Fill it with Halloween treats, use it for game dice, store your cotton balls, carry clean doggy-doo bags on your pup’s leash, or…My favorite: Use it for managing your yarn on the go and avoiding tangles in your tote bag--a center-pull cake of wool fits just right! I shoved a cake of yarn inside each pumpkin pouch to take the photos. 


This design is a variation on my “Prosperity Pouch” from last year--you can find the Free Pattern for it HERE

If you enjoy this free pattern, and you like my style, please consider supporting my work by: purchasing a pattern from my shop, or tossing $1, $5, $10 on my Ko-fi. I love to share my work with you...But as an arty person, I'm always struggling with the $$$ side of the world. Thank you for supporting my creativity! 

-Ashley Lee Zhong


Hook: I used a 5mm US H 8, but size your hook according to your yarn and personal gauge. 

Gauge: I got about 14 stitches makes 4" in DC when measured at the column. The space between two columns when finished is a little under 2.5."

Yarn: I used a variety of worsted acrylic. A Pumpkin Pouch requires about 50 grams total, or 90 yards. I used 5 colors: 3 for the pumpkin, in a soft gradient (A, B, C) and 2 shades of green (D, E) for the ruffle and drawstring.

-Additionally, I used felt scraps for my Jack-O-Lantern faces. 

Abbreviations, Terms and Techniques: New to Ribbon Candy Crochet? That’s okay. My Swatching Guide will teach you everything you need to know. You can download it HERE. I suggest beginners try the Swatch. 

Notes: Instructions inside of [brackets] are meant to be repeated in a complete system. So, that means you stitch the entire sequence all the way through before you begin the next repeat. The number outside of the [bracketed] section indicates the total number of repeats for that part.



 In Color A: Ch 4, sl st into the 1st of 4 chains to form Loop, to form Columns: 

[ch 20, to form Loop: ch 6, sl st into the 1st of 6 chains, SC 20 across, SC 1 into the Loop] x6, when you’ve worked your way around the Loop, sl st into the base of the first column to close the round, then tie off and cut. 

Your completed foundation will look like a squiggly brittle sea star from the ocean floor. When you stitch Round 1, untwist your squiggly tentacles as you go. 


Pouch Round 1: 

Round 1 in progress


In Color B, Begin each round with Standing DC (OR *sl st, ch 3* to count as the first DC)

Starting in the Loop at the end of any Column, working into the “right side” of your foundation,

[DC 8 into Loop, DC 18 across column, HDC 1, SC 1, SC 1 into Foundation Loop SC, into next column: SC 1, HDC 1, DC 18 across] x6, sl st to close the round, tie off and cut. TURN WORK to stitch into the “wrong side” of this round for Round 2. 

Round 1 Complete

Pouch Round 2: 

You will be closing the seams of your pouch during this round to create the pumpkin shape. Try using the PLT method to close the seam while you stitch -or- ignore the pink PLT instructions and Single Crochet/Sew the seam after you complete Round 2. View this tutorial for help with PLT (Pull-Loop-Through method)--the relevant instructions start around 2:25.

First, I crochet down the column, then, I close the seam while I stitch up the next column. Pull-Loop-Through method can really speed up projects.

In Color C, working into the “Wrong Side” of Round 1, starting in the first DC of any Increase Curve (see chart for starting point), 

[at the Increase Curve: DCInc 1 x8, Change to Color D, DC2tog 3, DC 2, DC2tog, DC 2, DC2tog 3, HDC 1, SC 1, Skip the Loop SC, SC 1 into the next column and PLT into the previous SC, then continue up the column with PLT HDC 1, PLT DC2tog 3, PLT DC 2, PLT DC2tog, PLT DC 2, PLT DC2tog 3, Change to Color C] x6, sl st into the first DC to close the round, tie off and cut.

If you chose not to use PLT during this Round, take a moment to stitch up your seams. Begin at the SC at the base of the columns, then stitch 13 across,  stopping in the last DC2tog before the ruffled pumpkin top. 

Border Round: 

In Color E, Starting in any open DC of Round 2,

Place 1 SC in each stitch, working your way around the top of the pumpkin, sl st to connect the round, tie off and cut. Use a yarn needle to weave in yarn tails. 

Note: I chose to work into the “wrong side” of Round 2 for the border. But work into either side, it only depends on which look you prefer. 

This little pumpkin is a variation on the design, with no ruffle. If you like it, let me know, I'll write the pattern for this one, too. It's a little different.

Drawstrings and Vine: In Color E,  

Drawstrings: Make 2 strands of 75 chains. Knot each end of each strand and cut off the yarn tails. 

Vine Sprig: ch 19, DC 3 into 4th chain from the hook to start, then DC 3 into each chain all the way across, tie off and cut. Weave in ends. When you are threading the drawstring through the top of the pouch, stop for a moment when you get to the *perfect spot* for your vine, run the drawstring between two DC at the top of your vine, then keep threading your drawstring through the bag. 

I used 3 shades of pink for this pumpkin, starting with the brightest/hottest shade for the foundation. 

Putting it together: Use your crochet hook to work one drawstring strand in and out of Column Loops and gaps in the seam, all the way around the bag until the drawstring meets its tail. Then, work the other drawstring in the opposite direction, so that when pulled, the pouch cinches neatly between the two drawstrings. 

Knot each drawstring strand to itself so that it can’t get pulled out. Consider adding beads or tassels for a fun upgrade to the design.

I also chose to cut Jack-O-Lantern faces out of felt for my samples. I sewed them onto the pouches with a needle and thread. You could also attach the felt with fabric glue or hot glue for a faster finish. No felt? Try simple yarn embroidery or surface crochet to decorate. 

Makers: Feel free to make and sell pouches from this tutorial. Please do not sell my written pattern or take my tutorial as your own. And please Tag me if you share your project! I love to see your interpretation! @SnapdragonBrand on all socials, #ribboncandypumpkinpouch

Also, please DO share my blog links and social media profiles. My goal this year is to get some security--that means a more stable income. If you enjoy sponsoring artists, please consider buying a pattern from my shop, or tossing a few dollars on my Ko-fi artist page. It literally changes my life. 

 Thanks for stopping by, 

& Happy Autumn!

-Ashley Lee Zhong

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